Courtney Sebo is an attorney in Excelsior, Minnesota.  Courtney practices in the areas of estate planning, administration, and litigation.  Courtney’s goal is to give her clients peace of mind and help them take control of their futures.  Courtney is respectful of her clients’ time and provides excellent representation at a reasonable and competitive price.

Courtney graduated from William Mitchell College of Law in May of 2010.  Courtney worked as a Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Gordon W. Shumaker and the Honorable Lawrence B. Stauber, Jr. on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  Courtney also worked for the law firm of Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney.  She represented school districts, cities, and counties in land-use law, education law, employment law, and other areas.  Courtney also worked for the law firm of Meagher & Geer.  She represented large insurance companies in the areas of no-fault automobile insurance, property law, and life insurance.

Courtney lives and works in Excelsior, Minnesota with her fiance and his two children.  This blog is intended to act as a resource for people wanting to learn more about estate planning.  Visit Courtney’s Blended page on this blog for a wide variety of resources supporting blended families.  Courtney aims to give blended families resources for making the transition as seamless as possible.

This website is for general information purposes only.  Nothing on this website should be taken as legal advice for any specific circumstance.  Laws vary from state to state, so some information on this website may not be correct for your jurisdiction and cannot replace the advice of competent legal counsel licensed in your state.

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